3 Steps to Going on Your First Adventure

Congratulations on taking the first step to being more adventurous. Now that you have taken the time to determine your personal definition of adventure, and what it entails to actually being on an adventure means to you, it is time to make an actionable plan. Get ready! By following the guidelines outlined below, you will be ready to take the next steps and on your way to your first of many adventures within a few short months.

  1. Give Yourself Permission to Adventure

This is an often-overlooked aspect of adventurousness. When you grant yourself permission to go on an adventure, you are telling yourself (and anyone else in your sphere of influence) that you are doing something good for yourself. Spontaneity, adventure, and travel have all been linked to improved mental acuity, mood stabilization, better and more restful sleep, and increased immune system function. *

  1. Pick 6 Adventures

When you choose 6 adventures it gives you six goals, each with their own framework and timeline. You essentially have six separate targets that you are able to plan for, dream about, save money for, get any necessary training, and finally accomplish. The key to this step is to rank your adventures by achievability. Your first adventure should be something that can be completed within 4 months. This should take into account your fitness level, total costs, work schedule, family commitments, and so on. This should also be something that gets you excited and will hold your interest within those four months. This first adventure is crucial for two main reasons. First, it teaches you that adventuring is possible. It gives you the confidence to begin ratcheting up your adventure game. Secondly, it I the first step in building your adventure momentum. Once you accomplish the first 4-month adventure, you are able to roll right into the next one. So, your adventure plan would look something like this:

Adventure 1: Visit the Redwoods- within 4 months

Adventure 2: Learn to Salsa dance- no later than the end of the year

Adventure 3: Learn to SCUBA dive- 2 Years

Adventure 4: Go to Paris/Rome/Amsterdam- 4 years

Adventure 5: Hike the entire 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail- 5 Years

Adventure 6: Cage dive with Great White Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef- 10 Years

All of these adventures are used as examples.

  1. Create A Memory

While you can be more adventurous just to be more adventurous, would it not be more fun to come away with some lasting memories? You will have many options from which to choose when you are making your 10-year plan. Why not go for the adventure that will make for the better story. When faced with a decision that may lead to more adventure, be like the man Robert Frost wrote about in his masterful Poem ‘The Road Not Taken’. How amazing to be able look back on your new adventures and say “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” **

Within each of your adventures, try to plan as minutely as possible. Being more adventurous does not mean you have to be less safe. Risk is in inherent in adventurous activity, but there are many ways to mitigate unnecessary risk and danger. Be adventurous. Be spontaneous on those adventures. Make memories that are worthy of great stories. But do so as safely as possible. Remember: there is a big difference between safety and trepidation or fear.

* Mutz, M.; Muller, J. Mental health benefits of outdoor adventures: Results from two pilot studies Journal of Adolescence Volume 49, June 2016, Pages 105-114 retrieved from: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S014019711600049X

** Frost, Robert The Road Not Taken retrieved from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Road_Not_Taken

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