October is National Fire Prevention Month. True North Candle Forge discusses the three basic candle safety rules, as well as several other safety tips that should be employed each time you enjoy your True North Candle Forge candle.
  • 3 Ways To Continue Your Adventurous Lifestyle

    The final blog in our series identifying ways to help you be more adventurous explores 3 ways to continue your adventurous lifestyle. Establishing boundaries sets you free to explore while still maintaining your safety. Increasing your adventures, either by prolonging each trip or adventuring more frequently, ensures you have new and exciting experiences. And continuing to seek new adventures makes sure you do not fall into an adventure rut. Read on to explore each of these topics in more detail.
  • Your First Adventure is Over. Now What?

    Congratulations! You did it. Your first adventure is complete. You have accomplished something that you did not think you could have done a few months ago, and for that you deserve a round of applause. Are you still exhilarated from the experience, or are you experiencing remorse that the adventure is over? Hopefully it is the former. Either way, you have learned some valuable lessons. Continue reading the latest blog post from True North Candle Forge and see what are theย next steps you can take to ensure you continue adventuring.
  • D-Day: Three Quarters of a Century After 'The Great Crusade"

    Then-General Dwight D. Eisenhower famously wrote a letter to all military units under his command the nightย prior to them launching the largest naval invasion in the history of the world. In this letter, Gen. Eisenhower referred to the upcoming action as the "Great Crusade". A crusade to rid the world of tyranny and to crush the Nazi war machine. 76 years later, the heroic actions of these brave men live on. Their sacrifice continues to inspire and awe all these generations later. This blog explores two of the lesser known units and the incredible exploits they accomplished under some of the most harrowing conditions.ย  Read on to learn about these amazing men who so selflessly suffered three quarters of a century ago.
  • Time to Adventure: Get Going within the First 4 Months

    Now that you have defined what adventure means to you, formulated your 10-year dream sheet, and prioritized your list, it is time to get ready for your first adventure! You have 4 short months to learn everything you can, prepare, and pare your plan in order to ensure the smoothest adventure possible. Learn the easy to follow steps in this concise, yet informative blog from True North Candle Forge.
  • 3 Steps to Going on Your First Adventure

    Part 2 of 5. Following these 3 steps are helpful to going on your first adventure. Giving yourself permission to have fun has a myriad of health benefits. Choosing six adventures and creating a timeframe for each is critical for making sure you follow through. Creating new memories is one of the biggest reasons to going on an adventure. When faced with a decision, choose the one that makes for a better story.
  • 3 Steps to Defining What Adventure Means To You

    Adventure can mean different thing to different people. What does adventure mean to you? In the first of five blog posts, True North Candle Forge helps you answer this question in three practical steps.
  • Happy Mother's Day 2020

    Take a quick trip back in time and learn about the origins of Mother's Day celebrations in the United States. From the early efforts of Ann Jarvis to broker a friendship between mothers of soldiers fighting the US Civil War, through the official deceleration of Mother's Day by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, to the modern holiday we celebrate today, learn about the ups and down that led us to taking out one day a year to honor Mom.
  • 3 Positive Benefits to Exercising Outside

    At True North Candle Forge, we believe that we have been given this planet to enjoy, and that proper stewardship of this gift ensures that the wond...
  • Why Soy, Coconut, and Bees Wax Candles are Worth the Price

    You may have already heard the arguments in favor of soy, coconut, or bees wax candles over paraffin wax ones. Many people refuse to buy candles ma...
  • 3 BE's That Can Help You Cope Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

    As bad as the COVID-19 virus is, there are so many things to look at that provide hope. Almost 300,000 confirmed cases have fully recovered. Taking preventive measures does not mean you have to succumb to a fear mindset. A 95-year-old World War II vet just recovered from COVID-19 and offers encouragement to other. His story can be found through a simple Google search. And following the 3 BE's will help you get through this time.
  • 4 Signs of Overwhelming Stress Development & 5 Steps to Help Mitigate Stress

    4 Signs of Overwhelming Stress Development & 5 Steps to Help Mitigate Stress looks at four common factors that lead to an overwhelming level of stress. Each person deals with stress in different ways, yet everyone experiences too much stress at some point in their life. This blog post also examines five steps anyone can take to help mitigate stress in their life.