Time to Adventure: Get Going within the First 4 Months

One of the largest hurdles faced by new adventures is not knowing where to begin. This is an often-cited reason as to why people do not begin adventuring in the first place. They are overwhelmed thinking about how to start, paralyzing them from taking those important first steps. Lucky you, for you have already defined adventure, planned your 10-year adventure plan, and are now well on your way to the crossing the first dream off of your list. Now is the time for action! You have 4 months to find out what you need to accomplish in order to ensure you have the best experience as possible.

For all of its faults, the internet is an incredible resource for planning your first adventure. Seek out credible sources and educate yourself on all of the important information that you will need to make this adventure as smooth and easy to manage as possible. Are you going to visit one of the National Parks? Go to the park’s website and familiarize yourself with everything. If the site recommends a particular style of clothing (i.e. heavy winter gear, waterproof outer layers), any permits that may be required, or seasonal issues that you may not be accustomed (i.e. bugs, humidity, thunderstorms, snow, etc.). Go to professional adventure store websites to glean any information you can about gearing requirements, pricing, or training. Browse adventure blogs, chatrooms, periodicals, and e-magazines for any tips, tricks, or inside information that may be useful.

Reach out to people who have been to the area and completed the adventure you are planning. The vast majority of people in the adventure world are open, friendly, and more than willing to provide advice on what you will need to be successful. Visit your local adventure equipment supplier and talk to the experts there. Talk to your friends and coworkers. You might be surprised by the people in your life who have adventured.

The biggest thing to remember is that this is supposed to be fun. Keep the excitement high. Make printouts of some of the vistas that you are eager to experience and place them in places where you will ensure you see the views several times a day. Post encouraging notes on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, and office or cubicle. Set a countdown on your phone to which you can refer. Seeing the numbers ticking down can be a great thrill and help keep the anticipation high.

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