About Us


At True North Candle Forge, we challenge you to live life adventurously. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through adventure, exploration, and the enjoyment of our wonderful outdoor world.

True North Candle Forge was founded on the principle 'So Others May Live'. We are extremely aware that many candles are produced with toxic, petroleum, and synthetic based wax and materials. True North Candle Forge will NEVER use these harmful products. Our candles will only be made utilizing organically-sourced Coconut Wax, which is environmentally sustainable and healthful to humans and pets alike. We challenge you to go out and have an adventure today, then burn a candle forged in the True North.

True North Candle Forge is a family owned, disabled veteran operated, small business which hand pours small batch candles on demand. This may result in longer shipping times, slight variations of color, scent throw, and wax volume. That said, we will make every effort to minimize these issues and get your candle to you as soon as possible.

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From all of us at True North Candle Forge, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope you have a great adventure today! 

John Jones