Your First Adventure is Over. Now What?

Congratulations! You did it. Your first adventure is complete. You have accomplished something that you did not think you could have done just a few short months ago, and for that you deserve a round of applause. Are you still exhilarated from the experience? Or are you experiencing remorse that the adventure is over? Hopefully it is the former, and not the later. Either way, you have learned some valuable lessons.

You are now well versed in the steps needed to plan an adventure. Most importantly, you have learned that you are capable of venturing outside of your comfort zone in order to challenge yourself and experience new things. Planning your next adventure will be even more enjoyable. You will be able to focus resources where they are needed, and not waste time and energy worrying about aspects that you know are not as important. You are now able to find legitimate resources to research, read, and learn about your next adventure.

You are now much more aware of what a legitimate hurdle looks like that you will have to overcome, as well as which obstacles are more difficult in your head than they are in reality. You are so much more well versed in the potential cost of adventuring, and maybe a little more willing to go without every physical comfort to cut some of the cost of adventuring, especially if it does not endanger your life. You do not need a 40-foot diesel-pusher RV to go camping at a state-run campground, when you can rent a pop-up tent trailer for the weekend. This is particularly true if it is a more fully developed camping park. It is not a fun time when you realize you were suckered into purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment when you could have rented for a few hundred. Airfare, cruise tickets, and rail adventure is not as expensive as many people think and deals can be found for those willing to search for them.

Part of the adventure experience is experiencing new things, such as cultures, climates, food, people, and locales. Experimenting with local cuisine is one of the best ways to connect with a different culture than the one to which you are accustomed. International travel to many countries has a favorable exchange rate, meaning that your dollar will go farther. This can play into cost saving measures without sacrificing safety or comfort. Check out how much it would be to hire a car and driver instead of renting.

Before worldwide cellular connectivity and high-quality camera imbedded in your phone you would have to take pictures with an actual camera. Unless you had lots of money, you were careful of what you took a picture. Film, and developing the negatives into photographs, was expensive. No one wanted to get their envelope stiffed with pictures and have half of them turn out blurry, dark, or covered with a finger. Now, you can take literally thousands of pictures on your smartphone. If a photo does not meet your exacting expectations, just delete it and snap another. It is a simple step to download them to your computer where you can filter, adjust, crop, and manipulate them in all kinds of ways.

You can use that same computer to record your new adventures. It is an easy thing to open your computer before laying down for the night and typing a brief description of the day’s events, sights, sounds, and smells. Quick blurbs about interesting people you meet along the way, or anything that catches your fancy can be cataloged for future reference. No more boring slide shows when you return! How nice will be to have a record of these things when you are sitting with your kids, or grandkids, and you are able to reference back to these stories and their associated photographs. You will not regret taking more pictures than you need, only not the ones you wish you had.

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