3 Ways To Continue Your Adventurous Lifestyle

You are now an established adventurer. By now you may have planned, or actually embarked upon, multiple adventures. By following the three steps outlined below, you will ensure that you will continue to have many adventures in the coming the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Establish Your Boundaries

Determining your personal margins frees you up to knowing what you can/will and cannot/will not do. Establishing boundaries is an easy step to take to ensure you enjoy as many adventures as possible. When you determine these boundaries, it gives you a set of parameters within which you can excel. If you break these margins into segments, you will then further define your boundaries.

Hardline boundaries are the ones you absolutely will not cross, regardless of the reason. Fluid boundaries are those in which you stay inside for the majority of the time, but, given the right circumstance, you will push past for the adventure. One of these hardline boundaries can, and should be safety. You do not want to do anything that jeopardizes your personal safety, your financial safety, or sanity. Remember that this is a very real possibility any time you decide to be spontaneous while on adventure.

Does this mean you should plan your trip and trip the plan? Of course not! This is one of the perks of the adventurous life. Have fun, meet new people, enjoy good food, and explore the country. But do not go for a top rope climb of a 5.14 rated 220-foot rock face when you have not been rock climbing in 26 years.

An example of a fluid boundary would be a last-minute opportunity to go snorkeling on a 70-foot Catamaran. This excursion may not have been on your itinerary, but you came across the boat as you and your partner were strolling down the beach. It is a reputable company. You can see the boat and gear are well maintained. You have now created a new, spontaneous adventure within the adventure. Who knows, maybe you meet your new best friend couple on this outing.

Increase the Adventure

It stands to reason that there are two mains ways in which you can increase the adventure in your life. A: Increase the amount of time spent on each of your adventures, B: increasing the frequency in which the adventures are taken. Or you can combine the two and go on more adventures with a longer duration.

Staying longer on adventure may require more planning, but the payoff may be well worth the effort. Having more time to explore affords the more opportunities to discover. Finding local restaurants, bars, hiking trails, or parks are all ways that your upfront time investment can pay dividends.

Scuba diving or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list adventure for an untold number of people. This is an amazing adventure well worth the cost, travel, and planning. Just think about how many more experiences you would absorb by extending this trip and adding an outback train tour, Brisbane Jungle expedition, or hiking the Blue Mountains. Now imagine experiencing all of these amazing adventures during a single journey.

 Continue to Seek Out New Adventures

While it is an easy process to follow your passions when you first begin to adventure, continuing to do so may have the opposite effect of adventuring. As you settle into the adventure lifestyle you may find yourself in an adventure rut. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to get outside of your comfort zone. This is the adventure lifestyle after all.

If you are a beachcomber, consider a trip to the mountains. Look into going to a guided rock-climbing camp. Or plan a multi-day white water rafting trip and combine camping, water sports, and bivouacking. If you are a desert lover, take a week on the lake and learn to sail. Or schedule a winter snowmobiling trek. Alternating the type, climate, and terrain of your adventure will reinvigorate your passion for those areas that you enjoy most.

As you continue to seek out new adventures you will continue to reap the benefits of the adventure lifestyle. More effective body functions, mental acuity, and reduced aging effects are all areas in which you will see improvement. You have embarked on an amazing way of life. I encourage you to continue to enjoy all of the wonderful sights, places, and people this world has to offer.

‘May your joys be as deep as the valley. Your troubles as light as its foam. And may you find sweet peace of mind. Wherever you may roam’ – Irish Blessing.


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